PCIP History

St. Patrick’s Day is widely recognized and celebrated throughout the United States. It is primarily celebrated as a recognition of Irish and Irish American culture; celebrations include prominent displays of the color green and numerous parades. The holiday has been celebrated on the North American continent since the late 18th century and is celebrated by people of all ethnic backgrounds. In every year since 1991, March has been proclaimed Irish-American Heritage Month by the US Congress or President due to the date of Saint Patrick’s Day.
Here in Wilmington, the 1st St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place 20 years ago, and over the years has grown to be a substantial community event with many civic, school and community organizations participating. In fact, the Wilmington parade has received national recognition as one of the best St. Patrick’s Day parades in small cities in the U.S.
The March 2020 Parade will be held on Saturday March 14, 2020 11:00am and loop for 60-90 minutes through the streets of downtown Wilmington, ending at 2nd and Market Streets where a family-oriented music and food festival will take place during the afternoon.
All are welcome to enjoy the Parade and the festival, and there is no admission charge for these events.