Parade Application for
Military, Bands, and Schools

If you are not military, a band or a school
please go here to register

You may also want to be a sponsor
$350 package includes:

☘  Your company name or logo on all digital and print ads for both events.

☘  Your company name or logo on all social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

☘  Your company name or logo on our website for calendar year 2024 (

☘  Your company name or logo banner will be displayed at the Hooley and the Parade’s reviewing stand.

☘  You company name and logo will be on all Hooley and Parade posters and post-Parade Festival ads.

☘  Your company or logo name will be in all Hooley and Parade press releases.

☘  Your company name or logo will be in all Cool Wilmington advertising for the Post-Parade Festival.